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19:30 Model Management is an independent boutique modeling agency, management, and placement firm providing a "family" approach to managing models and artist. Founded by professionals in the industry with a solid understanding of the business, 19:30 truly focuses on developing the unique models we discover. We are solely dedicated to providing one-on-one personal guidance and management services.


We focus on branding our talent for careers in the fashion industry throughout all major fashion markets. Attracting the attention of top agencies for placement throughout the US and abroad is what 19:30 continues to strive for. Models represented by 19:30 belong to a family!  With development as our primary focus, we continue to book and place models nationally and internationally to reach their full potential enabling them to have enduring and lucrative modeling careers to work across the globe. As industry needs change periodically, 19:30 Model management will always be home to those Born 19:30!

Matthew 19:30 .......But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.

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