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19:30 Model Management is an independent female-owned and operated Boutique Model Management, and Placement Agency. Founded by professionals in the industry with a solid understanding of the business, 19:30 specializes in scouting, developing, and placing our models worldwide. With the sole purpose of the agency operating to dedicating and providing one-on-one personal guidance and management services, 19:30 conducts business within a family style environment where our management team truly cares for our models.  This has proven to be the optimal path to build a sustainable modeling career for each and every model we represent. 

As a represented model with 19:30 Model Management you will receieve top of the line management with your best interest at heart leading and directing models to national and international placement to reach their full potential as professional models developing enduring and lucrative modeling careers to work across the globe.

Matthew 19:30 .......But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.

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